Real estate: why choose an exclusive sales mandate to sell your property?

What type of mandate to choose? This is the question that many owners ask themselves when selling their apartment or house. Indeed, by entrusting the sale of your property to an agency or an independent agent, you will have to sign a sales mandate. Regardless of the solution chosen, you will not be alone and you will be accompanied by a real estate professional. But why choose an exclusive sales mandate rather than another type of mandate? We explain everything to you in this article.  

What is a sales mandate? 

To fully understand the ins and outs of a sales mandate, let's start by defining what it is. A sales mandate is a contract signed between the owner of a property and a real estate agent or agency. As part of this agreement, the owner entrusts the other party with the sale of their property. It is therefore an official document that formalizes the relationship between the seller of an apartment or a house and a real estate professional. This contract thus regulates the services expected by the owner and the fees received for these services. 

To be legally valid, certain mandatory information must appear on the document: 

  • The names and surnames of the people selling the property (it is up to the real estate professional to verify that the person who claims to be the owner is actually the title deed) 
  • The contact details of the agency in charge of the sale 
  • The description of the property and its selling price 
  • The amount of the agent's fees 
  • Term of the mandate 
  • The means that the agent will use to sell the property. 

1- The exclusive mandate: a single point of contact 

As a seller, signing an exclusive sales mandate makes your life easier. Concretely, you have only one interlocutor with whom you interact. This way, you save time because you don't have to constantly juggle calls from different agents. But you also don't have to manage the schedule of visits and the waltz of keys between agencies. As a result, your schedule is not completely disrupted by the sale of your apartment or house. And you know that your property is entrusted to one person who centralizes all the procedures for you. 


In addition, the exclusive mandate is a guarantee of performance and expertise. A real estate agent who only works on an exclusive mandate is an agent who knows how to justify exclusivity thanks to the quality of his services! 

2- A more motivated real estate agent 

When you sign an exclusive sales mandate with an agent, you show him that you trust him completely. It is a real commitment between you and the real estate professional you have chosen to sell your property. This increases his motivation and pushes him to live up to your expectations. He will make a lot more effort to achieve the goals you set for him than if he was in direct competition with several other agents. Over an initial period of three months, the agent will have to deploy all his efforts and talents to find a buyer as soon as possible and close the sale at the best price. 


He knows that in the end his efforts and his work will be rewarded, unlike the simple mandate which causes a lot of uncertainty for the mandated agents. In the case of a simple mandate, the agent must sell your property before the others, even if this means that he must sell it at a lower price. As part of an exclusive mandate, the agent is more serene and fights only for you, so that your property is sold in the best conditions. He therefore puts all his energy at your service and not to fight against the competition. 

3- A property valued by buyers 

Exclusivity creates rarity...and rarity arouses the interest of buyers! Putting your property up for sale in a single agency makes it rarer and therefore more attractive to potential buyers. Indeed, one of the main limits of the simple mandate lies in the image that buyers will have of your apartment or your house. A simple mandate very often overexposes a property because it is marketed by several agencies. In addition to being overexposed, the property is displayed at different prices according to the different estimates of the agents. It gives the impression that no one wants your property and that you are desperate. You therefore have a much weaker strike force with your targets. 


As part of an exclusive mandate, the price of the property will always be the same, regardless of the portal where it is advertised, which is more reassuring for buyers. At the same time, the announcement will be much more highlighted. By having exclusivity, the agent responsible for the sale of your apartment or house will establish a tailor-made and more impactful marketing strategy. Something to make your property stand out! 

4- More chances of finding the best buyer 

The exclusive mandate increases the chances of finding the best buyer for your property. Indeed, the real estate agent can give buyers more time and analyze their files in more detail. In addition, like you, buyers do not need to contact several real estate agents, they have only one point of contact, which is reassuring. 


Within the framework of a simple mandate, the agencies with which you have signed a contract are in competition. They will therefore seek buyers quickly to win the sale and obtain their commission. With this urgency, there is little time to be precise and qualify buyers; a risk of wasting time if, for example, the selected buyer does not obtain financing 


The exclusive mandate therefore makes it possible to find the ideal buyer for your apartment or your house, that is to say the person who will best meet your needs, whether in terms of purchase price, financing of the property , timing, etc. 

5- Easier to defend the selling price 

Choosing to sign an exclusive sales mandate also means choosing a single price. This way you avoid discussions and negotiations around the price of your property, such as "The price is displayed cheaper in agency X", "Agent Y told me that the price was negotiable", etc...If an agency refuses any negotiation, the client can turn to another agency which will be more flexible regarding the sale price. Therefore, the marketing process is facilitated and you are more likely to sell your property at the desired price. 


Sometimes, the property can even be sold for a higher price, because in the context of an exclusive mandate, your satisfaction is what motivates the agent. The agent will therefore avoid lowering the price of the property to be sure of finding a buyer. But his priority will be to sell your property at the best price. 

6- A faster sale 

All real estate professionals agree on the subject: a property sells better and faster if it is marketed exclusively. In practice, you are twice as likely to sell quickly by signing an exclusive mandate. Thus, the sale of a property on an exclusive basis generally takes less than 3 months, whereas by way of comparison, within the framework of a simple mandate, the period separating the signature of the mandate from the sale reaches six months... double ! 


How to explain it? Quite simply because the procedures are facilitated by the exclusive agreement (or mandate) signed between you and the agent. Having a single point of contact simplifies communication between you and the person in charge of selling your property. From the marketing of your apartment or your house to the organization of visits, through the signing of the sale and the handing over of the keys, all the stages of the sale are more fluid. Which brings more performance than if you had to deal with several agencies at the same time. 


The effectiveness of the exclusive mandate is therefore proven! 



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