They sold their property with Properstar: Jean-Paul and Bertrand, a family story in Switzerland

It’s the second article in our series “They sold their property with Properstar”. This time we are going to Switzerland to tell you a family story; that of two brothers, Jean-Paul and Bertrand and their mother. Even if it is not always easy to part with an apartment or a house, it is one of the things we face when we experience life changes. Discover their story in the rest of this article!  


A family decision

The sale of this 125m2 apartment located in Nyon, not far from Geneva, is above all - a family story that illustrates the different stages that we go through during life. Jeanne, the mother of Jean-Paul and Bertrand was advancing in age. It was the right time for them to place her in a retirement home close to one of her sons. This family decision also involved the sale of Jeanne's apartment. 


Coming from a banking background, Jean-Paul is familiar with the real estate financing system and Suisse real estate prices in general. His mother and brother trusted him completely with the management of the sale of the apartment. It was therefore he who was entrusted with this mission by his family and who obtained a power of attorney from Jeanne to carry it out. 


It was very important for the two brothers, as well as for their mother, to make the decisions together, concerning this sale. Properstar was a relay and a support for them in this new stage of their family life. 


Sell quickly and well with ease

Having the power of attorney but not being on site in Nyon to manage the entire sales process, Jean-Paul looked for initial feedback on the value of his mother's apartment. He did have an idea of the price of the property, but he needed an expert opinion on the best price and advice for a quick and effective sale. Moreover, his estimation of the price was very close to the estimate of the Properstar team. 


One of Jean-Paul's main criteria was to sell the property quickly and simply, without having to deal with administrative procedures. He needed a trusted team to oversee the first stages of the sale of his mother’s apartment: the valuation, the selection of agents, and help in choosing the best local partner for the sale of this property. Indeed, since he was not physically present to manage the various stages of the sale himself and he did not have the right networks to do so, he needed personalized support. 


Jean-Paul has thus submitted an evaluation on our website. Our team contacted him and presented our solutions. We quickly offered him two real estate agents and told him to look for a third agent as agreed in “Selling with Properstar” before arranging the viewing of the apartment. But Jean-Paul, wanting to sell quickly, asked us to come and visit with the first two agents, without waiting to find the third. 


Seb, one of our in-house experts went to the visit first, to get to know Jean-Paul. Then, the two selected real estate agents joined  to visit and estimate the property. A few days later, Properstar communicated the evaluations and the report made by the real estate agents, to Jean-Paul. 


Goals achieved 

The profiles of the two agents were very different, but each left a good impression on Jean-Paul. The first agent had estimated the property at a lower price than that expected by the family. The second agent offered a price slightly higher than expected. As a result, the two agents each proposed a sales strategy in line with their positioning. 


Following these estimates (2 very different and well argued estimates), the choice was difficult. We thought about the best marketing strategy. Properstar therefore accompanied and advised Jean-Paul on the subject in order to find the fairest selling price. This is how Jean-Paul and his family chose to sell the apartment with the second agent, Émilie. This estimate was closer to Jean-Paul's initial idea of the sale price of the property. 


The apartment was sold in a month and a half, much faster than they expected. From the moment the ad was put online, Émilie received many requests for visits, then, following these visits, more than thirty files were submitted by potential buyers. She clearly knew how to utlilize her network, showcase the property and make the listing visible - to the benefit of her clients. 


Regarding the price, the apartment was sold in the expected high range. It went on sale for 1,180,000 Swiss Francs and was sold for 1,130,000 Swiss Francs. 


Interesting information: in Switzerland, buyers have the possibility to raise the bids if they want to buy a property. In other words, they can offer a higher price than the one displayed to get the apartment or house they want.   


In the end, during the whole process Jean-Paul only moved once. He thus gained time and the sale of his mother's apartment did not upset his schedule. 


In addition, as we have indicated to you previously, Jean-Paul and his family wanted to sell quickly and well. These two objectives have been completely achieved! Now these two brothers can be assured that their mother is settled into her new home and being cared for well. This family handled a significant life change with ease and each can enjoy the next stage with peace of mind.   


The promise to purchase was signed and the sale was finalized a few days ago. 


Another mission accomplished for Properstar! 



Sell your property with Properstar


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