They sold their property with Properstar: meet Carla in Portugal

Selling a property is often synonymous with a significant life change. Today we are going to Portugal to tell you the story of Carla, who had to sell her house due to separation from her husband. In this article, discover the story of this real estate sale! 


When life paths separate 

Parents of four children (aged 11, 19, 23, 26 years old) and recent grandparents of a baby boy, Carla and her husband had decided to divorce. This separation involves the sale of their family home, as neither of them wanted to keep the property. 


After consulting with several agencies, the couple's eldest son made a simulation on Properstar and advised his mother to contact us for the sale of the house. Following her son's advice, Carla decided to call on Properstar. She chose us to sell her property because we offered a more interesting formula for her, which included human interaction and  a tailor-made service. 


We arranged to meet Carla and her ex-husband very quickly. It was one of the fastest meetings our Portuguese team could have for the sale of a property! The separating couple did not create any obstacles and did not think twice before moving forward and launching the process of selling their home. 


Quickly identifying the needs of Carla and her ex-husband, our team selected a local real estate agent, Cátia Fernandes who immediately provided empathy for the couple’s sitaution, and exchanged phone numbers and social networks so they could easily connect and proceed with the sale of the property.

Five star service 

Carla described Properstar's entire service as a "5-star" service. For her, it was, "the fastest sale possible," since we sold the property in less than a week! 


After Carla and her ex-husband decided to collaborate with Cátia Fernandes for the sale of their house, we did not even need to promote the property on the market since the real estate agent, through her database, immediately found a buyer interested in the property. The real estate agent had her first appointment with the owners in the morning and she found the buyer on the same day. The buyer came to visit the property in the afternoon and decided to make an offer to purchase. The house was sold at the fairest market price. 


In addition, Carla told us that she felt very well supported by both Properstar and the real estate agent. Indeed, divorce is a difficult time in a lifetime. However, Carla was able to find in us and in Cátia Fernandes, the support that she needed during the process of selling the family home. Whether on an administrative or human level, our client testifies to the fact that we all helped her in the best possible way. 


It was Carla who took care of almost the whole process, with her eldest son who had put her in touch with Properstar. At the same time, the two owners had to find another home. Carla quickly found a house to rent in the Viseu area, where she moved during the sale process with her 4 children. Her ex-husband moved to Torres Vedras.  


At the end of her experience with Properstar, Carla said that, "Everything was positive." She was very happy with our services and we, too, are delighted to have been able to help this family through this life change. 


As for Cátia Fernandes, she is equally delighted to have been able to contribute to the sale of the house, which was accomplished with efficiency and in an understanding and serene way. As she told us spontaneously, "seeing the joy of this client filled my heart." In addition, she considers her point of contact at Properstar as a colleague and partner. She said, "I love working with people like you and I was thrilled to work with Carla. I hope that we will continue to work together for many years to come.” 



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