Rental guarantee: discover the solution that reduces your expenses and enables you to access a rental

The search for an apartment or a house to rent always goes hand in hand with a rental contract. To avoid blocking a large sum of money in a bank account (3 months' rent for private residential leases and 6 months for commercial leases), we have a simple, fast, flexible solution that allows us to advance the money for you. Want to know more? Read on! 

The rent deposit: an inevitable step in renting your accommodation 


Moving takes time and money, and that includes a rental deposit. The latter must be deposited in a bank account in the name of the tenant where the sum remains held until the end of the lease. Neither the tenant nor the landlord can touch it without an official notification sent to the bank. In addition, the amount is fully returned to the tenant upon departure after the move-out inspection, unless damage has been noted. 


However, the prospect of blocking 3 months’ rent does not delight future tenants. Indeed, the sums quickly reach several thousand francs, especially in cities in high demand where rents are higher and harder to find. This is where the rental guarantee without bank deposit comes in. For example, it allows you to keep your capital to settle into your new apartment.  


You do not need to have 3 months' rent in your account or wait for the reimbursement of the damage deposit when you leave your current accommodation. It is, therefore, THE solution to reduce your expenses and allow you to move forward and sign your new lease. 

Who to contact to obtain a rent guarantee without a bank deposit? 


Our partner, FirstCaution, offers you rent guarantee without a bank deposit and a dedicated, professional, fast and efficient service. 


The FirstCaution team is at your disposal to answer any questions you have, and your request will be processed quickly. Applications can be confirmed as soon as one business day, so no time is wasted, and you can win the rental contract for the apartment or house you're interested in renting. 

How does it work? 

The FirstCaution rent guarantee operates by charging annual premiums. The first-year premium is calculated in proportion to your start date. The advantage of FirstCaution over its competitors is that the more advanced the year is, the lower your premium will be. This will not be the case for other market players who sometimes charge a membership premium almost as high as a year’s premium. 

Get a flexible coverage amount 

In addition, what greatly differentiates the FirstCaution offer from those of the competition is their flexible rental guarantee (Flex Offer). FirstCaution is the only market player to offer this. This flexible guarantee consists of a bank deposit in the amount of your choice, which allows you, if you wish, to lower your premiums. The major advantage of this deposit is that it is not blocked until the end of the lease and can be recovered as soon as you need it! 

Why use FirstCaution? 

Unlike rental guarantees sometimes offered by other insurance companies, you can be sure that the FirstCaution guarantee will be accepted by real estate agencies and landlords, which is not necessarily the case for all insurers. 


Banks, on the other hand, will let you open your own bank deposit account to deposit the amount of your deposit, but your money will remain held until the end of the lease. You will only be able to recover all or part of the balance after having made the move-out inspection of the rental property. 


With FirstCaution, your annual premium - which you only pay once a year – is only 5% of the amount of the deposit to be paid for your residential lease. 


So your money can be used for other purposes, such as decorating your new place, other investments, or whatever you would like! 


Thanks to our partner, FirstCaution, plan your next move with no stress, by paying an amount of your choice toward your rental deposit. It's very simple, just fill out the form below. The FirstCaution teams will be happy to discuss your rental project and guide you through the steps to take out a rental guarantee without a bank deposit. 



Receive information on our partner FirstCaution's flexible rental guarantee.



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