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How much is my house worth? This is a question every homeowner should ask themselves, whether he is thinking of selling his property or just curious as to how much it would be worth today.

Well, now it is possible to answer this question in a few clicks thanks to our Properstar simulator.

When valuing a property, there are two fundamental principles: it is important to look at the property and its characteristics, but the number one rule, the one that all market experts know and would tell you not to neglect, is: "Location, location, location."


Once you know, you have to start analyzing. And that is where the problem lies...

How do you analyze a property? What value should be given to this famous place? What does "location" mean? Are we talking about the address, the neighborhood, the shops, the transport, the schools, etc.? All this at the same time? And as for the property itself, what should we look at? The number of bedrooms, the number of bathrooms, the floor, the view, etc? Where to start? And also, how do you rate each of these criteria? By the way, the third-floor neighbor who sold last year... How much did he get? Is there any specific method to avoid making mistakes?


Analyzing a property is all this and much more. Our expert analysts and engineers could talk to you for hours about the different methods and data sources available. You'll hear terms like: the comparables method, the depreciated cost method, and his favorite, the hedonic method (no, no, it's not an '80s punk rock movement), but also OFS, Land Registry or the CAMAC.

How do you know all this?

That's because we've worked hard to build a tool that can do all of this for you, automatically. We are talking about a nice simulator whose algorithm was built by analyzing millions of past and present transactions, to understand which property was being sold at what price, in what place and according to what criteria. This has allowed us to develop a real estate valuation tool capable of valuing your property, based on all its specificities.

Therefore, we are pleased to launch our Properstar simulator. It is available online, free of charge and without obligation, and is capable of estimating the value of your property in just a few clicks. You only have to enter the address of your property and its characteristics, and you will obtain an estimate of the property with a minimum, average and maximum price for your property.

Now it only depends on you.



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