They sold their property with Properstar: meet Paula and Javier in Spain

Here is a new article in our series "They sold their property with Properstar". This time we are going to Catalonia, Spain, to tell you the story of a couple, Paula and Javier, and a double win for Properstar clients! Desire for change, and a legacy property left by Paula's mother, are the topic of quick sales in this tale. Discover their story in the rest of this article! 


A double hit

After seeing an ad talking about our services on the internet, Paula and Javier contacted us to sell their house located in Catalonia. Over time, their needs and desires changed, so they decided to sell their property to buy a new one that suits them better. 


They quickly signed the agent search contract related to our Sell with Properstar service. Our teams immediately launched the search to find the ideal agent to sell their home and found a gem of an agent for them. Within an hour, an agent for Paula and Javier's situation was recommended. With his great responsiveness and professionalism, the agent won over the couple from the start. 


The appointment to assess their house was made immediately. Following this visit, the agent provided his price estimate, which was very close to what the couple had hoped. Paula and Javier approved the estimate and immediately signed an exclusive sales mandate with him. 


A few days later and even before the house was sold, Paula contacted us for the sale of a second property.  

Absolute confidence in Properstar and the selected agent 

Paula then contacted us to sell an apartment she inherited from her mother. Now familiar with the process, she asked to sign a new contract with Properstar without us even coming to see the property and make the estimate. Paula wanted to sell this apartment with us and with no one else. 

The story of these transactions in Spain were made thanks to the trust and confidence that Paula had placed in Properstar. 


The four room, 82m2 apartment, is also located in Catalonia, in Prat de Llobregat, on the Barcelona side. It has 3 bedrooms, and is located in a building built in 2000. The apartment is in very good condition and requires little renovation. The most charming aspect of this property is a large terrace of nearly 30m2 


When the contract was signed, no one had yet come to estimate the apartment that Paula inherited. We sent her the link to our online estimating tool so she could get an idea of the price before an agent visited. The same agent who is working on the sale of the Paula and Javier’s house, visited the apartment and made an estimate of the property according to its characteristics, his knowledge of the local real estate market and the market prices. The real estate agent very quickly provided his report to Paula - who immediately agreed with the price proposed by the agent and validated the beginning of the second sale process.  


The agent did a very precise job of estimating. His knowledge of the local market really allowed him to estimate the property in the most accurate and efficient way. He almost instantly put the property listing of the apartment online. Three weeks after the online listing appeared, the agent was contacted by a potential buyer who was very interested in the property. This buyer made a first visit and then another final inspection in person, before making an offer that was accepted by Paula. 


However, a small unexpected delay had crept into the sales process. Paula received an estate document a little late and it was therefore necessary to wait for that document to be signed at the notary before the sale of the apartment could be finalized. Only two days after the signing of this document, Properstar finalized the sale with the buyer who instantly paid 50% of the commission deposit.  


The apartment was sold for 250,000 euros. Paula and Javier are very happy with our services, our agent, and "Sell with Properstar". We are also delighted with the agent who is very efficient and who (according to our team) is ‘the best agent we work with in the country’. The  next step is to sell Paula and Javier’s home...the sequel to the next episode! 



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