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Get a mortgage quote for your property in Switzerland from your couch

You’ve been thinking about getting a mortgage loan to buy your dream home in Switzerland - congratulations!

You've probably found that the process of securing a mortgage the 'old fashioned' way is not as easy as you first expected. You might have already weighed all the pros and cons and calculated the equity you need for your new home. You're ready to move forward, so, what’s next? We have a solution.


Get the best interest rate online

Properstar now has an easy and convenient way to estimate your monthly mortgage payments online, without going to the bank. On Properstar, select your property, and calculate your mortgage quote seamlessly. You save time and money!


How does it work? 

Properstar is pleased to be partnering with the leading financial technology platform to make buying a home easier for you.

e-Potek is the Fintech that is leading the revolution of the mortgage financing market in Switzerland. With an online platform, staff of specialists and real estate taxation experts, you are supported through the whole process to match you with the best financing options. The platform analyzes various offers from multiple banks and suggests the most suitable mortgage quote based on your details.

The most important advantage for you, is that you get a mortgage quote for the specific property you choose - right away.


Calculate your mortgage right away

Start your search


At Properstar, we offer you the best properties on the market and now offer a solution to obtain a mortgage loan in a simple, fast, and transparent way.

So, it’s time for you to visit Properstar and get searching, calculating and buying that Swiss property that you’ve dreamed about.

We are working on plenty of new features for you to discover. We’re excited about the announcements that are coming soon! As usual stay tuned!


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