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Simplifying your premium property search

Searching for a premium property is not an easy thing because of various criteria that differ from buyer to buyer.

Everyone wants to find their perfect home with enough space, privacy and comfort. For some people this means an exquisite chalet in the mountains, and for others it means an ocean view villa with a bustling city center. Some people would like property with architecture that inspires them and others are looking for a layout that is functional and sleek.

We understand this and aim to simplify your luxury property search on Properstar. Now you have a place where you can search for exclusive properties around the world without spending much time on results that are not a match for your preferences.  Feel spoiled with a luxury portal that will offer you the most exclusive estates that fit your search guidelines. The only thing you’ll need to do is to view them in person and imagine how you would feel in your new exceptional home.

How does it work? 

  1. 1. Open the page Luxury Homes page and browse suggested destinations to select your dream place

  2. 2. Or type city, suburb or neighbourhood to be sure to get the right results 

  1. 3. Fine tune search filters to choose between apartments or villas and their size 

  2. 4. View displayed search results and select which one you’d like to look at


Explore Luxury Homes


Didn’t find what you were looking for?  

No problem. Properstar knows luxury and we’re here to help you!

Share your expectations of the perfect home, with our Concierge service and we’ll gather only suitable offers that will match your criteria. We’re working with top real estate agents who’ll be glad to help you in the property buying process.

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