New! Follow property price drops on Properstar

At Properstar, we like to innovate and make life easier for our users. Real estate buyers are interested in investing, and therefore, will watch their budget closely. Indeed, the price of real estate is one of the most followed parameters by future buyers. We have designed the monitoring of price drops with this in mind. Find out how this new feature will help you buy the property of your dreams at the best price! 

Follow real estate prices and don’t miss the property of your dreams 

The real estate market is a constantly changing market that varies according to different parameters. Trends can be difficult to predict, as many factors come into play: the rule of supply and demand, geographic area, demographics, the overall economic situation, mortgage interest rates, etc. 

Tracking price drops allows you to follow the evolution of the price of properties on the market, in real time. This new feature analyzes the data of the properties listed on our site and detects all upward or downward price variations. 

As buyers, one of the criteria that matters most to you is the price of the properties you are looking at. If a property is a little above your budget but you really love it, you would like to be informed of a possible price change. Tracking price drops is made for you! 

Capture d’écran 2022-12-02 à 13.20.46We have made this feature available to all users, so real estate price changes are visible directly on search results pages. You are sure not to miss the great deals. 

Save time and be more responsive 

This system allows us to notify buyers that a property with a price change is available in their saved search. Price variations are highlighted in the daily alerts sent by email, at the same time as the new listings corresponding to your search. 

You no longer have to keep going back to your favorite listings to check prices; the prices come to you! 

You save time in your research, but you also gain in responsiveness if the price of your favorite property drops! 

In addition, when a property experiences a price change, we display the old price and the new price next to each other directly on the listing. We, therefore, communicate the prices to you with complete transparency. 

With this feature, Properstar gives you even more tools to find your ideal property at the right price. Ready to relocate ? 


Search for the property of your dreams on our site without further delay and try our new feature! 



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