Discover My Home, your new personalized home page

How to track new listings coming to the market? We have the answer – use My Home feature we’ve done for you! Go to Properstar portal and you will see new listings for your selected location right away. Every time you visit the site, you’ll get the update.

We’ve been working hard to create an extraordinary real estate search experience for property buyers and we are proud to announce the launch of My Home. With My Home, we take a step forward in our mission to match you with your dream home.

This feature makes finding the perfect home hassle-free and saves you time, money and energy. Select the filters that show the newest, up-to-date offers for your preferred listings and cut through the clutter.

Sync across all your devices

Most of our search traffic comes from mobile devices. We’ve designed My Home with this in mind. Your property research should be at your fingertips. Scroll in the comfort of your home, whether you are hanging out on the sofa or still in your pajamas. Just download the app for iOS or Android and you are ready to start.

Your personalized homepage – how does it work?

Buying a home is a big life decision and we believe your real estate search should be rewarding right from the start. Once you have launched your first My Home search, the Properstar home page will be personalized, showing exactly what you want with pertinent information, like how long listings have been on the market.

Every time you visit My Home, you will see new results as they appear in real time. A yellow label will show you how many new listings have become available since you last checked in. Scroll the results in an easy to navigate, convenient way and find your perfect home.

There is more…

We are working on plenty of new features for you to discover. We’re excited about the announcements that are coming in the next few weeks! To make sure you don't miss a thing, subscribe to our newsletter or join us on Facebook and Twitter.

My Home - Enjoy the advantages of a convenient, customized and hassle-free home search and find your perfect match today!


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