They sold their property with Properstar: Ana and Antonio, from Porto to the Algarve

Do you have a property to sell? Properstar is there to support you in this new life project and in the sale of your home. At Properstar, 1+1 does not make 2, it is more than that. Our equation is much richer, it is made up of men and women who have unique projects, who experience life changes, who make decisions that cause them to move to another city or another country, etc.  
Our agents and their clients are here to testify that all of them have a different story to tell. 
Today we are going to Portugal, to learn about Ana and Antonio’s selling story. 


A quick and effective sale 

Ana and Antonio are sellers who chose to trust Properstar. They connected with us at the right place, at the right time and with the right agent. Their story highlights a different type of sale experience, because they chose to by-pass the ‘normal’ sales process and all the hassles and stress that they thought might come with it. The benefits of our value-added sales equation was exactly what they needed! 


After consulting our website, Ana and Antonio contacted us, for help with the sale of their home in Porto. We assisted them to determine their project and their needs in more detail. Owners in Porto, Ana is a teacher, and Antonio is a plumber. They are selling in Porto, because Ana got a new job in the Algarve region. They told us that they need to sell quickly and easily, to be able to move forward with confidence and to embrace their new life and home in the South of Portugal. 


Because we got to know them a bit more, we thought that our new solution, Sell with Properstar might be right for them. They loved the idea! Properstar guided them with personalized support, conducted a fair evaluation of their property and connected them with several qualified local realtors, chosen by us. We recommended these choices for them, because we know our agents well and knew which ones would be best able to sell their property. 


These agents met the couple, visited the apartment and made an accurate estimate of the best price for their property. Ana and Antonio really connected with Marco and chose him to be the agent that would handle the sale of their apartment. 


Luckily for them, Marco already had a buyer in mind for Ana and Antonio’s home. One of his clients had contacted him to help her find an apartment in Porto. He therefore knew her needs and her criteria, and he was sure that she would have a crush on Ana and Antonio’s apartment. A property visit was organized and Marco’s client made a purchase offer, directly after the viewing. 


Only about ten days had passed between the moment Ana and Antonio chose their agent and the purchase proposal was submitted. Therefore, the couple's apartment had never been advertised for sale online. It was all done thanks to Properstar, who identified the couples’ needs and found the best agent options and to Marco who connected the buyers and the seller. That's what made all the difference! 


A price beyond expectations 

The story does not end there ! When we met Ana and Antonio, they thought their property was worth 135,000 euros and expected no more. They were not experts on local real estate trends and markets. But that was without counting on the in-depth expertise of the local real estate agent who knew the couple's neighborhood perfectly.  


After visiting the apartment, assessing its features and comparing it to other properties recently sold in the area, a fair price was established. In the end, the property was sold for 160,000 euros; much more than Ana and Antonio had hoped for. 


You should know that the value of real estate has doubled in recent years in the Porto region. As a result, the market has evolved rapidly and continues to do so daily. Marco was able to demonstrate a great capacity for observation and analysis of the market in this city and to be very precise in his estimatation. 


In the end, Ana and Antonio were super happy with the whole process: it exceeded their expectations in terms of selling price and ease. 



Do you want to sell your property as fast and as easily as Ana & Antonio did? You are one click away from finding your dream home.  


Sell your property with Properstar




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